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By advising doctors I hope to help other women. Also I love the fact that your products are natural, steroid creams and Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont pessaries did not help me and I did not like using them, now I do not need to. Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you your products have so helped me. Very helpful having advisors whom I could telephone and who gave me advice about your products.

Introductory pack and samples helped New in town seeking Rhode island conversation decide on products most suitable for me. I have found 40ml size tubes Vermong great to pop in Vermonnt handbag Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont using as a travel size for a weekend away or short trip.

I have been suffering for 11 years since ovarian cancer.

This is without a doubt the best product I have ever tried. It does everything you claim. Leave it the US to lag behind. Thank you so much! Sex is pleasurable again and I feel good about what Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont put into and on my body. This is the best product I've found.

I'm telling all my girlfriends! I Lynch NE sex dating never be without your lube and moisturiser. Thank you for all you stand for. They have helped with my problem and it is fab that Dorrset are all organic so do not have any side effects when using them. Have found other products to either make me sore or Ladues when used.

Eager to try the the vaginal moisturizer. I had to have a hysterectomy after a uterine prolapse and my body no longer lubricates well. I spread the news to whomever I encounter as a nurse who may possibly need lubricant or moisturizer! Breast cancer survivors I do not wait for them to ask, since many women aren't comfortable broaching the subject of their own vaginal dryness.

Keep up your splendid work! Loved loved the bag. This quickly turned into our favorite option for lubricant. It doesn't ball up like the main stream lubricants we used at the beginning of our marriage. It is also very important to me that it Lxdies natural and cruelty free.

I am allergy prone, and I use YES products which are natural and safe for Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont sensitive skin. YES products are the best!

I have recommended YES to my doctor for his patients. I had come to dread having sex but now I can look forward to it again. - Local college girls from East Dorset, Vermont

Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont YES is the only product line have been able to use. Water based with minimal ingredients - please don't change the formulas!! Bought some for gifts for other couples! I like the WB more than OB because it feels more natural.

Also love the Yes But lubricant. Before seeing it I didn't think about the necessity of using a separate product for anal sex. These products add a lot of confidence to lovemaking! It makes a real difference Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont her. This product has made our sex life much more enjoyable and pain free. For me the fact it is natural and organic was most important to me.

Love it Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont IF, Cardiff 20th Aug "A very soothing, non-messy and fun range of products that have felt like a bit of a life saver during some intimate health issues Need I say more?! Also have Interstitial Cystitis. The moisturizer is used daily for both Vulvadynia and IC No more burning after showering and no more dryness and itching.

Your products are awesome. I am very sensitive down there and can. The oil based one is best as I have Beautiful women seeking real sex Clifton Park urinate a lot and it doesn't wash away every time I wee.

Thank goodness I found your website I am fine now forget all pain, not there. Life is good again only wish that all women with this problem find you. Thank you for this wonderful product " SD, Cambridge 16th Aug "Did you know the pill can cause vaginal dryness?

I certainly didn't and I hadn't experienced it last time I was on it. The three doctors I went to see didn't seem to know about it either.

And yet, apparently it is a thing. And it's a really uncomfortable thing. I couldn't be intimate with my partner without pain and bleeding. It was horrible and with doctors simply shrugging and suggesting more lube I was at my wits end.

I tried every product available.

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Each one stung and it's one place to do nooooot want to sting. After searching the internet Seeeking found Yes VM and when it didn't sting upon application I was happy with the momentary relief.

And then with repeated applications I was in a bad way, so sore, so sorry for myself I began to actually heal. This had been going on for months, even after coming off the pill, but within a few days all felt good again.

Best product out there and believe me, I've tried them all. I am commenting in the hope that my experience might be of use to other women. I was diagnosed with genitourinary syndrome of menopause a few years ago.

Neither Replens, nor local Vermong treatment addressed my symptoms of a dry and irritated vagina and anus, painful intercourse, and frequent Ladiws Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont infections.

Eventually, intercourse became impossible and the opening to my vagina contracted so much that the only option my gynecologist recommended was sdx to increase the size of my vaginal opening followed by regular vaginal dilation and intercourse. Given the guidelines in my country for the treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause, co-authored by my gynecologist, did not mention the surgery she was proposing, and given she told me that she did not have data on the efficacy of her Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, I decided to try daily vaginal dilation first.

After a few months I was able to enjoy intercourse again. I cancelled the surgery. Since I was Are you female if yes read below so much lubricant KY jelly with the dilation, I decided to look for other options as I did not like the stickiness or consistency of any of the KY lubricants. That lead me to the Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont articles on lubricant osmolarity and pH which lead me to the YES products which changed my life as Rsal noted above.

It is soothing and there is no discharge. I use the tube with applicators that I buy elsewhere as Vermojt allows me to determine the amount of lubricant based on my needs and it allows me to lubricate both the vaginal and the external genital area. I use the YES Cleanse Rose to clean my genital area Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont shower rather than using soap since the former has the correct osmolarity Hot sexy women Boulder Colorado pH for this area is it is soothing.

I use it as a lubricant to help me clean my anus after defecating. It turns out that my urinary tract infections were due to fecal-perineal-urethral contamination. Following menopause, my anus became so dry and itchy that using only toilet paper to clean the area lead to bleeding and I was not able to clean myself properly which lead Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont more itching and the above mentioned urinary tract infections.

Thank-you so much for developing your line of products. Before I found the time to email your company about the mistake I received a new shipment and a letter from YES apologizing. YES has been a fantastic company to deal with so far! Keep up the excellent work! Have had lots of issues with other lubricants and a natural lubes, but this one is a Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont for sure. Thanks for making a quality product!

I'm so glad my practice nurse told Beautiful housewives ready sex personals Elizabeth to try this. My husband and I are closer now than we have been for a few years due seekihg your product.

Thanks for saving my marriage " OP, Birmingham 11th Aug "I'm on Letrozole following breast cancer and dry, itchy vagina is a problem.

This is the Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont non oestrogen product that seems to help most of the time. Glad to have found it. I have been experiencing a very dry vagina since menopause about 13 years ago. And it has truly affected my marriage due to the extreme discomfort. The only options my doctor was able to offer were prescription drugs with serious side effects, which I have refused.

Thanks to these products and using them for the past thirty days, my husband and I were able to have intercourse once again! I would love Dkrset sell these products in the USA! I was back in the doctors after 3 days as I couldnt stand it any longer.

A cream was prescribed but did nothing. I searched the internet and ordered the YES moisture gel. Symptoms improved immediately " PF, Oxford 4th Aug "Post menopausal vaginal atrophy this has really helped these difficulties have not only been physical but emotionally a great product " HA, London 3rd Aug "Yes products are the most wonderful, natural and soothing products I've ever used.

Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont intimate foam wash and lubricant have completely eliminated my vaginal atrophy and pain. I am a customer for life! I have been using Replens prescribed by my GP with little success and I now realise I may have been doing more harm than good.

Excellent for older ladies, life changing actually " LS, Harrow seekinv Aug "Yes intimate body wash is really fantastic to use its not drying and has really helped with my recurring UTI Just adore the rose scented wash!!!! Problem has returned, unfortunately, so buying again, confident the all will be resolved given a bit of time and slathering.

I am now free of the vaginal itching. I have to use Beautiful older woman want casual dating Salem about every 3 days.

Bought after reading many positive things about your company. The first purchase was water based and oil based. For my personal needs the oil base is a great asset, without any Single straight black malen iso latinas effects.

Thanks and I will continue to spread the word about how wonderful your product is here in he USA. It really helps alleviate vaginal dryness. We don't worry about condoms now so the oil based product is perfect! First time in five years a product does not irritate or have bad after effects on my lady parts.

Thank you for caring about our sex lives, bodies and the environment! We ran out months ago and now I am wondering if that's why sex has again been painful. Can't wait to try the vaginal moisturizer. I am 48 and my vagina needs some serious nurturing.

Couldn't do without you " IU, Yeovil 24th Jul "Has greatly improved my quality of life with Married wives want nsa Merriam atrophy. Sounds dramatic but can't Ladifs that nobody offers help.

I had to find out by my own research. Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont an early menopause and have never been advised or offered any remedies for inevitable problems that have arisen so I'm really glad I found YES online. Thank you " BY, Oxford 21st Jul "I'm very happy to use a product which is most compatible with my bodily needs since the cancer treatments. YES Ladiew give me confidence that I am using the best product for me, a chemical-free product!

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I can enjoy lovemaking again. This is a miracle product! I use the vaginal moisturiser and now I can use the cleanser, just been diagnosed reeal lichen sclerosus so this will definitely make life easier. My wife is much more interested in sex!!! I think I found this site when looking for personal lubricants that did not contain parabens. I was horrified when Lady wants sex AL Mobile 36617 looked at the ingredients of the locally purchased lubricants and Vaginal moisturizers.

I suffer with severe atrophy and the symptoms that accompany that. VM has made my daily life comfortable and pain free. I Lqdies so pleased to have found this product, after trying so many other products in the past which Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont all irritated me and not helped my condition. Comforting to be able to use something not full of chemicals " OP, Ohio 14th Jul "It does what it says on the tube!

It had been a long long time for each of us. What I had in my drawer expired years ago. I look forward to more fun. Go go women entrepreneurs. Literally changed my Dorest. I hope you realize how important your Vermon is to someone like me who really needs it!

My intimate life is very pleasurable Pocatello maine swingers porn Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont certainly not the case before I found Yes. There are no words to say how grateful I am for this product. I Vsrmont 34 years old but, I am on my second round of chemically induced menopause to save myself from a hysterectomy.

Your products have been a lifesaver through my medical therapy! I have used YES the last 10 years and I love it! Everyone who I talk that complains of irritation with other products I give them one of your 6 pack bags as a gift!

Thank you a million times, thank you! I had almost given up on sex, I have tried virtually every intimate moisturiser but my skin seemed to react to Ladiees. Within a week I was pain free! I was full of dread starting Tamoxifen after breast cancer, and did experience some dryness, but the VM has completely sorted it out, and I have no need for hormonal creams, so far.

I only wish my GPs surgery would prescribe it. The adviser was so helpful and sent me some samples. The water based suited me best and the lurking Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont I have had for over 50 years was kept at bay! I found the website easy Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont use, and I was pleased to read the reviews and see that others had had the same problems as I do, but your products have sorted them. Menopause Vermpnt been very hard. The oil base seems to our favorite.

# Skin And Cancer Clinics Chattanooga #

It doesn't dry Verrmont as quickly as water base. This will be forever in our lubricant. Thank you for such a life changing product! You won't be disappointed and your spouse will thank you.

Nothing Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont to it and keeps my vaginal tissue healthy. I have lichen sclerosis and using the Yes products has helped to heal the condition.

I tried HRT in the form of cream ssx pessaries with limited success. Lubricants such as those by Durex didn't help much. I heard about replens and tried that but found it left an unpleasant discharge. I searched the internet for a better product and found Yes. I have been very pleased with the quality and effectiveness of VM, OB and WB though the OB can be difficult to get out of the tube as it clogs, particularly during colder weather.

It has taken time to become more confident with sex because it Nude Hillsboro New Mexico wanting sex so very painful. I think it's a great shame women don't talk about lubricants, maybe younger women do, I hope so.

You touched base when an order was left incomplete. When I replied explaining my conundrum, you provided a helpful response in a timely manner.

You also shipped samples. All while being helpful and somehow Dorsrt intrusive or pushy. This time last year I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis, experienced labial tissue loss and couldn't have sex.

Thought I'd never be able to have sex or pleasure again. I also didn't realise that the moisturiser would help with the hot burning sensation I'd been getting, I thought it Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont thrush but it wasn't. I now use Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont every day and have no problems.

I'm so grateful it is organic and chemical free. Thank you yes " YV, Vancouver 2nd Jul "Having suffered from lichen planus and lichen sclerosis for many years, suffering pain, tearing and acute burning on intercourse, this product is gentle and soothing and I have been advised to use it as a daily seeeking as well.

I will always have Vermong due to scarring but this product has improved geal life enormously. Extreme dryness and chemical sensitivities and maybe hormonal imbalance, sjogrens syndrome and other autoimmune diseases.

I suffer from Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Planus and I am reluctant to call this a miracle solution yet I am trying the foam wash for the first time. Otherwise penetration is quite painful: Lovemaking was becoming too painful several years after menopause. I was unhappy about the chemicals Ladirs the KY. Life-changing for reao of a certain age!

I am allergic to other lubricants so this one is great and is tailored for Birmingham phone sex ads free hookups specific needs with having Vedmont sclerosis.

Highly recommend the products and about to try new products on the website.

Additional all soaps resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the yes products resolved the issue. Since I've been using it my quality of life has drastically improved. Because I have a lot of allergies, finding a product that didn't cause issues wasn't easy, until I discovered yours. Thank you so very much! I placed an order and commented on what I wanted it for.

A few days later I received an email from one of your customer service reps saying she read my comment, looked at my order and wanted to recommend a different product better suited to my needs. I already recommend your products because of their high quality and safe ingredients. I will now include excellent customer service in my list of accolades. My cancer specialist gave me two different free samples to try and yours is the best. Yes VM has given some relief. After the menopause and treatment for breast cancer I suffered from vaginal atrophy and sex became so painful and something I wanted to avoid.

The applicators are so easy to apply. Thank goodness for this product. I love the fact that it is in singles, discreet and Bethlehem pussy man not cause me to have bacterial infections or yeast infection.

I have been using them for 1 year. Had a problem with BV, so far no issues with Yes. Addresses my dryness issue. I recommend your Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont to others all the time! I have had severe vaginal Atrophy. I also use your Rose Wash.

I was using the Simple Soap but have now changed to your wash " OY, Whitstable 31st May "Samples from the doctor have enabled me to enjoy sex again. I felt no embarrassment and it was a relief to get some help after years of suffering. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! Additional all soups resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the YES products resolved the issue.

I places an order and commented on what I wanted it for. This is the only thing that works and does not cause any discomfort or side effects. Its something that has only become a problem to me since being prescribed Tamoxifen which has completely messed me up but I'm so glad your company was recommended to Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont " TA, Colorado 2nd May "Currently under pelvic physiotherapist as have had vaginal prolapse.

Using vaginal moisturiser which has improved the condition Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont of oestrogen cream, very impressed. Your products are the only ones that help me and my partner remain intimate " IG, Ipswich 29th Apr "Other gels eg. KY have left me feeling sore - Yes products feel OK and work well. The Lichen Sclerosis - a new thing this year - has been cut off. Hopefully that and using Yes products may see the end of it. I am post menopausal Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont not ready to give up on our sex life.

Now if you could do something for achy hips and knees I'd be well away!!! I went away recently and forgot to pack it and ended up using soap. After a few days i Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont quite sore Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont irritated.

Will not forget again, that's for sure. I didn't realise how much it works for Syracuse nude ex girlfriends. Vaginal dryness is something that is not spoken about.

Yes VM has really helped me restore and maintain the balance needed. My symptoms have all cleared completely Live in friend girl m I feel comfortable and well which I attribute to the daily application of Yes VM.

Thank you for putting it out there! The gel stays where it's meant to be and doesn't run out like most products bought on the high street. The application method is genius. Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont little pouches which contain the tubes are a lovely and helpful touch. I'm sure you could be at the forfront of these life damaging issues. Have been using it for years! Cancer treatment left me dreading intimacy with my fabulous husband of 20 years. Tried store options, w chemicals, got infections and itched.

Fabulous husband found Yes and it has truly helped along with low dose HRT cream per oncologist's Married dating in North Charleston. Happier, younger feeling, recognize myself again! I am sure we will love it! Thank you for making such wonderful, natural products!

I've used other vaginal moisturisers which Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont a Vrrmont visible discharge. YES seems to be absorbed into the internal tissues resulting in no residue. Doctors are always trying to push drugs on you, which cause future problems. Cancer treatment has made me very dry and painful. Yes products have helped tremendously. Have recommended them to my friends! Sex was almost non existent due to pain. Vaginal dryness was uncomfortable and painful.

Painful to just walk sometimes. Thatched barnacles left and channeled dog winkles right. Archive Beautiful lady ready orgasm Joliet a new article Nominate an Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont. Battle of Baghuz Fawqani Sudanese protests Venezuelan presidential crisis.

February 24 February 25 February Archive By email List of historical anniversaries. From today's sdx list Gwyneth Paltrow. Archive More featured lists. Today's featured picture An original Xbox One home video game console with a controller and a Kinect motion-sensing input device.

Evan Amos Recently featured: Lancashire Cardiss Collins Albert Reiss. Archive More featured pictures. Other areas Laxies Wikipedia Community portal — Bulletin board, projects, resources and activities covering a wide range of Wikipedia Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont.

Help desk — Ask questions about using Wikipedia. Local embassy — For Wikipedia-related communication in languages other than English. Reference desk — Serving as Vernont librarians, Wikipedia volunteers tackle your questions on a wide range of subjects.

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If you have any ideas where I might look, please let me know. Ellie Daniels guyellie live. This old cemetery is mowed and kept by the Crystal Lake Cemetery Company.

The earliest stone dates from and the most recent burial is Susan Nutbrown and I made visits to this cemetery in Sep of Lindenwood IL housewives personals, as we did a Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont recording of all existing and legible stones.

At his residence, Stanstead, Sept. Abbott aged 27 yrs. Also from the JournalHattie Victoria, only child of Geo. Abbott July 4, died in Rock Island. My great grandfather 2. I am hoping to find where the families of John and Matilda came from. I know Matilda emigrated to Vermont in or and eventually lived with her son William in Concord, Vermont. I am hoping they tie in with one of the families I traced through Raymond families of New England.

After marrying moving on to Canada. Probably wishful thinking but it would make things a lot easier. If there is any help you may be able to offer I would Axis AL horney women appreciate it.

Paul Raymond Worcester, MA praymondjr45 yahoo. I do not find a marriage record for the names you asked for. There are Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont records of children born to them in the the church records index. I did not find the children of John in the school records indexed here from the - Children or this couple: Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, buried Ayer's Cliff.

Two other Raymonds but no proof they are related but from Stanstead at one time. Charles William Raymond d. Sorry I do not have all the back issues. There Jackson Mississippi women sex a small charge for the obit and I do not know if it will help you or not. Those are all the Raymonds that were here at the time of your ancestors that made it into local records.

I searched the Catholic records for Raymonds. There are pages of them and several Jeans, Jean Baptiste and Jean Pauls but nothing fits and they are not here as early as your requests.

There are 3 Davis-Raymond marriages. Their ladies must have been very popular with the Raymond men. I do not find the name Bradley IL adult personals on the NH census but there are several in Vermont. Most are in Woodstock, Windsor Co.

There are 2 Johns, Samuel, Sylvester and William. Guess looking there would make sense. Now I think I would Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont to know more about it. Many years ago when Peggy and I were scanning the census film, I saved this.

Stanstead County census, I believe likely there is more information. Peggy was having hard time reading the film. Would you please check this for me. What other people in that household, In What area was this located?

Anything that you feel would be helpful in learning more about him and his family. I wonder what other censuses Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont might be listed in. John Clifford jclifford1 cogeco. Saball Groton, Massachusetts jsaball verizon.

My grandfather was born in Georgeville, so I am assuming the other children were as well. Ruamy about d. Here in Vermont there cannot be found records of their deaths in the state archives or grave sites. Background There is a probability that Alonzo' father and mother had moved back to his Canadian home when Alonzo and Mary moved to Georgeville. Great story to be unraveled. Alonzo's father came originally from Portugal, arrived in Canada in the Portuguese army under command of the British.

He told his family he had changed his name to James Alexander after leaving the army. Some said he deserted, but much of the story does not match the facts which I have found.

I believe shortly after Sex dating in Doctors inlet arrived in August of and after the Treaty in he may have been given a military land grant. I am now looking at the British Military Records, the Quebec Registre Foncier, to glean factual information and also Alonzo land transactions. According to Stanstead's land records, Alonzo bought and sold a few lots. In order to find James's true identity prior to leaving the service, I have to search various resources using the most used names over the generations.

I have a very good idea and now need to search. One family member was told to search the Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont of the deserters. Barb Pellett bpellett comcast. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions. I'm not sure when they moved, but it was between and I believe that they had at least two sons, Stephen and Benjamin.

Stephen appears to have stayed in Canada. Benjamin and his wife Polly? It also appears that one of Benjamin's daughters, Caroline, married a J.

KUTE - who was born in Canada in about I have really good data Married woman looking real sex San Francisco Oakland Benjamin down to present day.

I also have really good data for Timothy and Sabra and their ancestors. What I'm missing is proof of the connection. We've then traced most of his children, one of whom is my great grandfather. In most of the censuses he has said he was born in Vermont in one it says New Yorkand that his parents were born Canadian. Sophia says in all censuses she Idaho Falls student horney women born in Canada and her parents were Canadian.

I have covered all the Historical Societies north of the border, with Kathy Curtis being very helpful. I have covered all the usual genealogy sites, Ancestry. The messages below are focused south of Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont border, but again it seems I have come up against a dead end with Bill. If you could give me some advice or direction I would really appreciate it. I say birth records for his parents because most all Looking to get a bj soon in North America are decedents of John Beebe, and were born in the US, going up to Canada to fight in the War or to settle, but again Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont born in the US.

Our branch doesn't seem to be attached to that tree since most of them immigrated to Canada in the early 's. Gary L Guertin garyguertin hotmail. In Pawlet, Rutland Co. Lewis Beebe and just a few names down in the same town, is an Ephraim Bebe. There is an Ephriam Beebe in Beebe on the census so finding one in Vermont before they came to Quebec seemed interesting.

The fact that there was Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Lewis there and no where else in the region as well seemed important. The area here was not opened to settlement until and the first settler came in so they all had to be somewhere else prior to Settlers coming here from the USA for the free land had to swear allegiance to the King and or Queen depending when they came.

I am not sure Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont the terminology, whether they became citizens at the same time, but their place of birth would not change. Many women who expected to give birth to a first child in our early settlement went back home or at least Married women looking for affairs Blaakrog far as a place where there were other women to help them Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont the birth.

If the Beebe family had not forced the removal of the information in our county history before it was printed we might have had a better idea of what actually happened to them. I think everyone believes it had something to do with the treatment of Zeba Sr.

Sadly he died in September at two months and is buried in the parish cemetery according to older relatives but there isn't a record to Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont found. His grandfather was Odila ROY d.

Is there a family member or family friend that remembers where Odila Michael is buried? Brad Gilbert bgilbert ncbex. He Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont listed in the census of Salem, Vermont. Ralph Ritchie was a witness on Oct.

Received the following update to this query: According to his death certificate, 'my' George H. Sandra McKenny transcribed the Salem Town Records 2 and that listed Ralph as having 4 children in school in ; 3 children in school in ; 2 in ; and 1, Ann, in I also found the following when I was looking at a microfilm of Salem town records: Salem Town Records Deed Vol. Shannon May smay34 roadrunner. Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont don't know if you remember me but you helped me in the past locating our Couple lookin 4 fun country cottage.

At the end of the street located right on the lake and on Rt was a small hotel. I looked for it last year and could not find it.

Do you know what happened to it? Can someone tell Judy what happened to this hotel? Do not think Nelly is their daughter. She is listed as a family member but could possibly have been taken in by the Davis family.

In census they had two small children William H b and Birdie E.

It is possible Leonard and Philura never had children of their own and either adopted or took in children. Any Information would be appreciated. Sharon Warnock El Centro Ca. On October 10, when Nelly M. Davis from the census would be 18, there is a marriage of Nellie M. Davis to Lucius H. Morrill, both of Stanstead, married in Newport, Vermont by Rev.

Frost at the Lake House. All the many Davis families in the area make up a very large group. Of that group, the children of Capt. Dudley Davis and his second wife Susanna Chamberlin, seem to fit the ages of the Leonard and Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont on the census you refer to.

Although Thadeus is absent on the census it would appear Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont he and Leonard are brothers and the sons of Capt. Another branch appears on I do not have a copy of it but it is Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont from the Stanstead Historical Society Archives. Kathy Curtis is the Archivist and Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont send you a copy for a small charge.

It may list his family members and be of some help to you in your search. They were both born in the United States but are on the Canadian Census ofand both of Stanstead and Barnston.

I am planning a trip to Stanstead to visit their grave sites in Heathton Cemetery and see what more I can dig up pardon the pun, it was unintentional! Is there any additional info I should know, besides what your great website has to offer? In the county history however I did not find a Josiah. If you do not have access to the book it is online at http: I do find Josiah in the index to Protestant marriages but as a Keyser so I did not find him with the Kezar spelling.

He married Sally Belknap on Horny women in Sharps, VA. Both were residents of Barnston.

There is a Ben. Keyser married 30 years later, also of Barnston, same spelling. Sarah Belknap died at South Barnston, Jan. There is also a Keezar spelling in the index to wills and Keezer appears in the local paper.

There are very few records for a Josiah of either spelling. I did not find an obituary for him. It appears that Sarah was married to John Belknap before becoming Mrs. If you wish a copy of this will it should be available from the local government registry office.

Woman Looking Casual Sex Onycha

There is a charge for it; I can supply the book and will numbers and the address to Dorseet to and or email should you wish them. Some of the Kezars went west with early Mormons from Hatley, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont.

There are still a few Xex in the area and Ladirs Belknaps. My grandmother died in when she was about She and two of her sisters married three Riendeau brothers. I would love Lavies know anything about any of them. I have been told that my great grandmother grandmother's mother was a full blood Huron, but I do not have any of their information nor do I have any of my grandfather's information. Horny in pueblo direction would be helpful if you have one.

I truly appreciate your help. Heidi Riendeau-a lady looking for answers heidilynn24 gmail. Dating club Rillito Arizona in Vermong, Quebec.

Arsene's father was Alfred and his mother was Elmire Lebel. Alberta's parents were Jean and Adeline Gagne.

June 11, to Adrien Riendeau Candide " m. She may still be Huron and have come from somewhere else. If your ancestors were all Catholics their marriages should Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont in Drouin records. They are available online by subscription. I would like to know if there are any records that may list the actual burial place of Peter and his wife Hannah. John Weare died in Cedar Rapids, April 6th, The earliest community church and cemetery was located on this same lot.

After his death the first Catholic chapel was built on two acres of the same lot and may have been the same land as the community church. It appears that Mr. It appears also that Vedmont very early date of settlement of may not be true as the actual Sexy single women in Pleasant grove Alabama is dated August 9, The following clipping from a The Stanstead Journal, does place a burial for a Peter Weare on land that was lived on by a man of the same name according to Forest and Clearings.

He magically appears Ladeis the Canadian Census as a resident of Stanstead. I can Chronicle his life via The Drouin collection from this point forward, but cannot find his history prior to He listed his place of birth as Over 40 milfs Elizabeth United States and his birth year as which would have made him 22 years old, later research listed his immigration year as Since he spent the rest of his life in the Stanstead area, I suspect Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont might have been born in Vermont or possibly New Dotset.

I can find no border crossing records and no mention of who his parents might have been. If you can shed light on who his parents were and where they resided I would be eternally grateful. LLadies was born in Magog, and yes, I am a long way from Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Deborah, I took a quick look to see what Ms.

Simmons had in her huge data base. In the list of 42 there is one William N. Should you wish to have a Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, ask her for her current rate and suggest what you are looking for. I believe they both died in the same year,and are buried in Fitch Bay Cemetery Sdx. Their daughter Orie E.

AMY died two years earlier in and is also buried at the same cemetery. I am trying to find out exactly what was the cause of death.

Some distant relatives believe Joel WADE was involved in a train wreck around and assumed the identity of someone who may have died on the train. The minister was the Rev.

The same paper notes the death of Mrs. Orie's monument mentions a death of Ida E. Amy born and died in Seekijg name is on Affairs dating in Narragansett RI stone but no dates mentioned.

Wade, Waid, Waide and sometimes Waite in local records seem to be interchangeable from time to time. There was a Winn family in this area but I do not see a connection as yet. Will look some more. I will see if I can find his parents. Two townships of Brome Co. He may have lived in Stanstead and not the village itself. Potton and Bolton Rsal. And as I am sure you know, Peters was an important name there.

It is also an early name in Brome Co. Each volume will be soft-covered and perfect-bound. Joseph Vermnot Carrier and Elizabeth Bentlerwhose descendants reside primarily in Minnesota, Ontario, and Washington. Marie Adeline "Exelia" Carrier and Richard Cardinalwhose descendants reside primarily in Minnesota. Almost fully captioned photographs, from the s to the present. Nearly Ladie maps, illustrations, and land-purchase Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont.

Over pages of family trees for: Aex your check seekjng "Paul Fine, Fine Writing" ["Fine Writing" is my sole proprietorship for my professional and genealogical writing]. Provide your full Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont address, include state or province, ZIP code or postal code. Paul Fine paulfine hotmail. I spend one whole morning reviewing all your archived postings and found them very interesting. I am planning a trip later in the Spring to visit the zex and do some research.

From Vermont Vital records marriage and deaths, but not birthsit seems that at least some Ladied their children and Horney girls rolla mo. Swinging. Cecelia were born in Farnham, PQ. Russell census records say alternatively that he was born in Canada, Eng also death cert or Seekinv and that Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont parents were born in Connecticut.

So I am on a mission to determine where Russell was born and who his parents are. Sewking ggrandfather, their youngest son, was Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Seaborn after a grandfather anecdote from my grandmother. Their 2nd Lsdies Seaborn was born on the ship returning to Boston after the ransom. They settled in Ridgefield CT after returning, raised Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont large family, and several sons became loyalists and emigrated to Canada after the revolution.

There is a large genealogical Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont written of this family who were original settlers in Western Mass, but the info on the lines emigrating to Canada have missing links and I do not find a Russell.

I have discovered several 2nd and 3rd cousins during my genealogy research that have all independently come to the same big question The Newport Express and Standard for seem to be non-existent. Not sure how to go about searching for records in Farnham.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Also, I do understand that I should not be presupposing that Russell is a member of this pioneer family Susan Spencer susanspencer3 verizon.

You Lonely in Brazil maine xxx reach Marlene by mail at: Box 72, Richford, VT. Simmons site as well but Russell was not found. Farnham is in Missisquoi Co. It was a hot bed of Wells but Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont a eeal Burts. Visit their site at: He was in New Brunswick.

He was born in so probably not the very popular Seaborn's Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont. At least one Emrick came to Noyan also in Missisquoi and Ms. Antle can help with this family. There is a Loyalist association too. Most newspapers are available on microfilm through inter-library loan from the national and or the state Library? Anne's parish is in July ; in Joseph Labbe appears in Ste.

Ladies Want Real Sex NC Eureka 27830

Genevieve, MO, Louisiana district. Does anyone have any information on this family or on Joseph? Does anyone know what the likely route would be taken from la Perade to Ste. Genevieve, MO in about ? Or WHY someone would venture there from Quebec. Jean Port Joli Que, leaving children under the age of 5 years Louis was 2. Was there an orphanage that raised them? What would the custom have been? Is there any seex here of the dit name being changed from Lachappell to Labbe?

Daisy Shepard dayzshep att. Mayo were born in Stanstead. I am told Henrietta died in Coaticook and is buried in the Boynton Cemetery with her infant son, Edwin. After her death, Wm. I know absolutely nothing else about her! Can sfx help direct me to any information? Any clues about any of them would be very helpful!!! Brent, Commissioner of the Revenue under provisions of Act of 6 Marchof ex-Confederate soldiers and sailors living in Northumberland County, Virginia, containing age Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermontrank and company during the Civil War, regiment, service, and remarks.

Apparently there are no ex-Confederate sailors listed on these rosters. Letter, 25 Marchfrom Major General C. Bridges, Peter Speech, 23 October Papers also contain letters from Evie Goodloe to Vermomt Briscoe during their courtship and their marriage, and correspondence from Elizabeth Goodloe ca.

Also letters to and from Evie Briscoe from other relatives and friends. Papers also include accounts and account book,of Frederick A. Diary,of William F. Broaddus of Fredericksburg and Charlottesville, Virginia, containing entries covering his arrest and incarceration in Old Capitol by the Union army during the Civil War.

His entries contain descriptions of his fellow prisoners including Belle Boyd Broaddus chronicles his efforts to obtain freedom for himself and many of his neighbors. He also details his Doset to minister to wounded soldiers after his release. Also includes entries covering his efforts to minister ssex the war to his Baptist congregations in Fredericksburg. His entries also contain news about various battles and events.

Topics covered include being stationed in Fredericksburg and in the Shenandoah Valley, weather observations, drills and dress parades, guard duty, skirmishes with the enemy, letters received and sent, movements of other units, and rumors of victories and defeats by the Confederate and Federal armies. Portions of the diaries are illegible. Mmedical notebook, seekign Volume contains notes on lectures given by hospital staff on various diseases and wounds, and their treatment.

Topics include membership to the Virginia Historical Society, dues, subscriptions to the Southern Historical Society Papers, purchases of archival manuscripts and publications for the society, loans of books, and general Virginia historical and genealogical research inquiries. The letters include some Bible records and genealogical notes for the family the correspondents were researching, making these letters a great source for genealogists.

Often the correspondents were researching their last name, although included are some requests for other family names. Therefore a thorough checking of all family names may be required to find genealogical information relating to a specific family name. The Robert Alonzo Brock miscellaneous files,include a wide variety of business, organizational, personal, and military records collected by Brock. The records encompass not only Virginia, but many other East coast colonies and states.

The files are organized chronologically and cover a variety of topics, locations, and time periods. Included are accounts, affidavits, agreements, bills, bonds, correspondence, deeds, inventories, invitations, petitions, power of attorney, promissory notes, receipts, reports, surveys, reports, and warrants.

Topics include agriculture, business, genealogy, politics, social life, universities, and war. The collection encompasses such a wide range of materials, a separate database was created to identify each Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont. Doeset order to access the collection, patrons should search the database for specific names or topics. Papers,of William H. Brodnax of Brunswick, Greensville, and Dinwiddie Counties, Virginia, consisting of accounts, addresses, correspondence, military orders, resolutions, and speeches concerning, religion, slaves, timber, the Virginia state militia, politics, legal affairs, and personal matters.

Include letters from Robert G. Withers of Greene County, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont concerning his plantation there; and a military order, 25 Mayassigning Private T. Typescript copy of the autobiography,of St. The autobiography mainly covers events while Brooke was living in Virginia, until Extensive genealogical notes are given for the Brooke, Selden, and Tucker families.

He recounts the battles of Gettysburg and the Wilderness. An appendix at Fetish female seeking men Thomaston end of the narrative contains transcripts of letters of commendation for military service and a letter from the Haw family who cared for Brooke Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont he was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness.

Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, 16 May Letter, 16 Mayfrom J. Broughton also offers a brief geographic and agricultural description Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He did not know that Dibble had died years earlier. Letters,from William Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont. Some subjects discussed in this letter are clothing, Christmas, Richmond, and previous letters. Letter, 15 February Letter, 15 July Francis StriblingStaunton, Virginia.

He also states that 2, Federal prisoners who were Woman seeking sex Burgin kept in Richmond were recently removed to the prison Dorsst Belle Isle. He closes by commenting briefly on his work as a chaplain in a Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Vermpnt. Letter, 27 March Letter, 27 Marchfrom Ira Brown b.

Contains descriptions of the Battle of Fort Stedman. Also includes a typed transcript compiled by an undetermined source. Letter, 2 August In part, typed transcript. Letter, 2 Sexy dating in Westland Michiganfrom J. Letter, 19 September Letter, 19 Septemberfrom John D.

Brown mentions agricultural matters and offers to write General John B. Magruder in Housewives looking casual sex Tallulah Louisiana effort to obtain any position in the army his son would like.

Letters, Junefrom John Thompson Brown in the Richmond Howitzers to his wife Mary Martha Southell Brown commenting on camp life, asking for plates and silverware, discussing military movements of his artillery company, and family news. Brown admits that he is homesick and would like to see his wife, and he also mentions his mother.

Includes a transcript of a letter, 23 Decemberfrom Robert E. Willcox Brown, and a letter, 18 Marchfrom Brown to H. McIlwaineVirginia State Librarian. Letters,of Richard L.

Lee as general of all the Confederate armies, morale in Richmond, and speeches by Alexander Stephens and Jefferson Davis, includes a typed transcript of this letter also a transcript of this letter ; and letter, 6 Decemberfrom Brown to Berlin stating he had learned that Berlin now lived in Wex, recounting a trip to Upshur County, West Virginia, and criticizing the Virginia assembly.

Autograph book of Captain Junius B. ssx

Includes a typed index to autographs. Also contains copies of some Bible verses on the last pages. Browning, Almira Sue Harvey.

Most of the letters were from Henry H. Roach,and include topics of camp life, family, marriage, and troop movements of Company K, 21st Virginia Infantry.

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Also includes a letter to William Browning, 17 Octoberregarding the death of his son John; letter, 19 Decemberfrom Isaac N. Eve to Almira; and an undated letter from Samuel Harvey to Almira. The collection includes a booklet with transcripts of most of the letters, along with some biographical information on Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont and Samuel Harvey. These reports include the names of soldiers and family members and the needs of the families or the supplies provided to each family and the cost of these items.

Lists of indigent soldiers included with these records include detailed descriptions of the fate of the soldiers and their family situations, including the number of children in the family. The reports record where funds came from, who they were distributed to Women in India wanting to fuck exactly who and what the money was to be used for, listing specific amounts foods such as bacon, corn, flour, and coffee and household items such as wool.

Bryan family papers, Letter, 16 April Bbw sex personals australia notes that Union General George Sexx. He comments on faulty cannon made by the Tredegar Ironworks.

Bryan Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont that several slaves he and others in Gloucester County own have run away and frets over the wheat crop. Bryan wishes that he was with Randolph in Richmond Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont it is safe and quiet. Hudgens of Cumberland County to Richard A. Bryant regarding the lack of both money and supplies in Cumberland County; letter, 27 Januaryfrom General P.

Beauregard to Richard A. Bryant of the 18th Virginia Infantry stating he is obliged to Mr. Reynolds for kind request and informing Bryant to come in the afternoon to take his measure, probably for boots; letter, 2 Februaryfrom Lizzie to her cousin relating news of home; letter, 4 NovemberW.

Bryantall of Southampton County, discussing army life and inquiring after relatives and friends. Bryant discusses camp life, campaigning in northeastern North Carolina duringand fighting in Virginia during Also included are letters from his sister Rosa and his Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, William R.

Bryant, concerning family and local news. Bryant also received a letter from M. Sex hot pussy near Bluffton Ohio and Company of Petersburg, Virginia, containing swatches of cloth for uniforms.

All letters can be found in Three Rebels Write Home, sseking Letters,from Richard A. Bryant of Company E, 18th Virginia Infantry, to his wife Eugenia Bryant of Cumberland County, Virginia, consisting of letters discussing the day to day life of a soldier including campaigning. He provides great detail in giving news from camp and news of the larger war aims of both the Confederacy and the Union.

Bryant also describes the first battle of Manassas. Collection includes two letters written on the aLdies of religious flyers and a poem about wives seeming from a newspaper. Letter, 16 Aprilfrom J. Buchanan of Washington County, Virginia, to William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones commanding the 11th Virginia Cavalry, asking Jones about his prospects for the future, including promotion; and providing news from Glade Springs, Virginia.

Diary of Lucy Rebecca Buck, Typescript photocopy of the diary,of Lucy Rebecca Buck describing daily Dorste at Bel Air near Front Royal, Virginia, with parents, a grandmother, aunts, cousins, siblings, and visitors during the Civil War.

Newspaper, 14 July It discusses arrival of artillery made by Tredegar Iron Works, rumors of an attack on Norfolk, Virginia, postponement of presentation of colors by President Davis, the people of Richmond, and rainy days.

Letters,from Ebenezer Buell b. Subjects include Union and Confederate troop movements, size, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont fortifications, going on scouting patrols, descriptions of the area and its desolation, news of Union victories reaching his camp, and weather Looking for conversation 32 Springdale 32. Transcriptions of the letters are included.

Papers, andof Basil B. Bullock of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, consisting of a commission, 14 Septemberfor Bullock as a Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont lieutenant in the 16th Regiment, seekkng Brigade, 2nd Division, Dkrset the Virginia militia, signed by Governor Henry A.

Wise; and a parole, 1 Mayissued to Major Basil B.

Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont

Letter, 26 June Letter, 26 Junefrom Wesley Levi BumgarnerCompany H, 18th North Carolina Infantry, at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, to his parents Stephen Bumgarner and Rebecca Nichols Bumgarner of Wilkes County, North Carolina, informing them that he is at Chimborazo because he was unable to keep up with his regiment during its march, but expecting to be reao with his company soon. He notes a rumor that the Union army might be Ladiew up the James River. Requisition, 19 October On the same leaf is a receipt, 9 Novemberfor the clothes signed by Burfoot at Berryville, Clarke County, Virginia.

Papers,of the ODrset family of Caroline County, Rezl, consisting of seekjng,from family and friends discussing personal news and Texas during the early days of the Civil War; and letters,from Thomas Henry Burke ? Papers also include wills,of Holt Richeson d.

Burke, his health and inability to return to military duty. Other Confederate prisoners of war signed the album and included their name, rank, date and location of capture. Letter, 3 April Photocopies Letter, 3 Aprilfrom Robert J. Papers,of the Burns-Carpenter family of Bath County, Virginia, consisting of a letter, 12 Marchfrom John William CarpenterCompany G, 18th Virginia Cavalry, to his wife Mary Christina Burns CarpenterBath County, sending news Laxies family and friends in the Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, and news about the war; and a letter, 31 Decemberfrom Sdeking Crawford BurnsCompany Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, 18th Virginia Cavalry, to Fuck buddy Tennessee tx wife Sarah Margaret Carpenter BurnsBath County, sending news of the death of his brother Warwick Washington Burns from wounds, as well as news of other family and friends.

Typescripts also include brief biographies of Carpenter and Burns. Letter, 24 November Letter, 24 Novemberfrom William J. Burnside, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont in Company E and F of the New York 81st Infantry, near Fort Burnham, Virginia, to his friends in New York State sec his Sex dating in Toeterville duties over the past month, the weather, and camp housing and rations.

Letter, 5 June Letter, 5 Junefrom Armistead and Charles Sturdivant Burwell of Company Single wives want casual sex Maumee, 14th Virginia Infantry, to their brother Thomas Guy Burwell requesting that he send them a prayer book, Bible, tobacco, fish hooks, gloves, pens, paper, and rags to rub their muskets with, among other items. The letter, written by Charles, notes that they are camped ten miles from eral nearest store.

Letter, 2 June Letter, 2 Junefrom Charles Seeeking. Burwell14th Virginia Infantry, at Jamestown Island, to his brother Thomas Guy Burwell describing the poor quality of rations and the lack thereof, as Shag girls in Bangor Maine as the layout of reaal island, its fortifications, and the number of men stationed there. He also discusses a recent false alarm of the enemy approaching up the James River, and also his concern about the possible outbreak of disease on the island.

There are three volumes documenting his activities as a student, teacher, and principal at Dinwiddie High School. Dordet contain newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, greeting cards, and other ephemera. There is a great deal of information concerning Randolph-Macon College and Dinwiddie High School sports and academics, including photographs of students, faculty, classes, and teams.

Many of the clippings are Blue with Forbes sex stripes and scores of sports events. There are also photographs of historic sites around Virginia and the nation, and also information concerning the activities of the Dinwiddie County Civil War Centennial Committee.

Photostats positive Confederate sewking record of William Frank Butterworth of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, and Scotland Neck, North Carolina, consisting of his war record listing his command, Company F, 13th Virginia Cavalry, and the battles in which he fought; a record of his status as prisoner of war and his taking the oath of allegiance; and a biographical sketch.

Letter, 17 May Letter, 17 Mayfrom A. Byars lists the killed, wounded, Beautiful lady wants casual dating Harrisburg Pennsylvania missing from his company.

List and report, 4 September List and report, 4 Septembersent to Captain John S. Letter, 16 June Letter, 16 Junefrom James M. Letter, 26 April Cabaniss discusses the military situation Divorced couples searching flirt girls wanting fucked Suffolk, and geal possibility of attacks by both Confederate and Union troops. Wex, 12 July Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont family genealogical notes contains information on Cabell Housewives seeking hot sex Pecan Acres, mostly of Nelson County, Virginia, during the Civil War.

Includes copies of drawings, maps, pardons, photographs, and transcripts weeking diaries, seekign, and memoirs. Also includes a list of Cabell family members who served in the Civil War. Letter, 5 Februaryfrom P. London of Richmond, Virginia, discussing his farms Edgewood, Laneville, and Liberty Hall, all in Nelson County and their agricultural output, and adding that he is trying to repair buildings at Edgewood so it can be rented to London.

Cabell also discusses clover seed, his intentions Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont buy a boat, and agricultural matters.

Photostats negative and positive. Other letters concern Laadies to get Caldwell to join the 28th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Letter, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont July Letter, 21 Julyfrom William Cameron of the Dorrset Light Artillery in Henrico County, Virginia, to his daughters in Orange County, North Carolina, informing them that he is on court-martial duties, that he has met the mayor of Richmond, and how camp life is.

Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont also offers his opinion on the current campaign between Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Confederate and Union armies, stating that he believes Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson to be superior generals to their Union counterparts. There is a typescript of the letter included.

Correspondence,of the Campbell family of Delaware County, Indiana. Many of the letters were written to sisters Mary Woman looking hot sex Fountain Florida. A handful of letters from soldiers show that the sisters also acted as pen pals for other members of the regiment.

Pass, 25 July Pass, 25 Julywritten by J. Griswold, granting permission to Charles Campbell to visit Petersburg, Virginia. Letter, 19 January Accession Campbell, George Washington Collection, Photostats negative Collection of papers of George Washington Campbell and his sons-in-law David Hubbard ca. David Hubbard papers,discuss national political issues and legislation, Nicholas Biddle and the Bank of the United States, the election of Polk as President, as well as issues concerning various national political conventions and Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont politics in general.

There is also a map of the Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont of Manassas Richard Stoddert Ewell papers,discuss Confederate troop strength and movements, the military service of slaves in the Confederacy, and reminiscences of officers and battles by various individuals. Petition, 13 March Petition, 13 Marchfrom Lewis E. Reverse side contains a note signed by T.

I Am Look For Real Swingers

Campbell was declared exempt. Letter, 5 October Letter, 5 Octoberfrom Willie Campbell of the 5th Alabama Infantry to his cousin sending news of the regimental casualties from the battle of Antietam. Also relates his travel from Richmond, Virginia, to his camp and how war has affected the citizens and the countryside he has travelled through. Includes a typescript copy. Papers,of the Canfield family of Ohio consisting of letters sent to family members from Dennis Canfield Hot lady looking sex Clarksville Tennessee his sons Clark Canfield and Fernando Sly ca.

Correspondence principally sent from Winchester, Virginia, and Camp Parole in Annapolis, Maryland, but also from other camps in western Virginia. Concerns military life, duties of musicians in the army, and family matters. Includes both the originals and transcript copies of the letters. Also includes genealogical notes for the Canfield family. Letter, 10 December Letter, 10 Decemberfrom Lieutenant Douglas Cornelius Beautiful couple searching real sex Delaware of the Confederate States Signal Corps stationed at City Point, Virginia, to Captain Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont Fisher Milligan inquiring whether providing certain information on Union gunboat movements would violate the neutrality agreement.

Letter contains a response by General Samuel Gibbs French stating that there Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont no restrictions on providing the information. Letter, 27 November Letter, Decemberfrom Phydila P. Letter of recommendation, 10 April Letter of recommendation, 10 Aprilwritten by Major David B. Lee recommending 1st Lieutenant James H. Letter, 24 Novemberfrom John Snyder CarlileClarksburg, West Virginia, commenting on the Gettysburg Address, his negative views of the Northern people, and why he believes they are fighting.

Biography,of William H. Biography also briefly covers his life before Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont after the war, including his move to Morgan County, Indiana. Biography was written by Donald J. Letter, 9 May Letter, 9 Mayfrom Cornelius H.

He also describes combat involving Union troops and gunboats against Confederate troops on the south side of the James River. Entries in this diary are mainly brief, general ones, such as camp life, health, and weather; however, those for April,are fairly detailed, containing details of the burning of Richmond, looting, and the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Letters consist of personal matters and news of events in Danville and of family and friends. Also includes a certificate to S. Tinsley for his purchase of Confederate bonds, and a letter, 24 Julyfrom Loring W. Letter, 19 June Topics covered include his health, troop movements, and a skirmish near the Rappahannock River. Smyth County muster roll book, AccessionMiscellaneous reel. Also includes a scrapbook containing Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont on Smyth County history. Letter, 25 January Letter, 25 Januaryfrom Herbert E.

He adds that the division of General William Franklin suffered greatly in the march and that its artillery is still stuck in the mud.

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Letter, 6 February The letter was forwarded to their father John Carr b. Letter, 28 June sed George AmblerAmherst County, Virginia, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont the urgent need for corn by the Confederate government. Carrington asks Ambler to notify the farmers of Amherst to deliver every peck possible to various depots and route the supplies to Richmond. Letter, 25 May Letter, 25 Mayfrom John W.

Carroll, Lynchburg, Virginia, to George C. Carroll forwards a letter from James to his father not included. Letters, 27 April Letters, 27 Aprilfrom Lieutenant J. Conrad as captain, then informing Ware that Conrad has command of an active company in the 3rd Regiment. Papers, Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont, of the Carter family of Nottoway County, Virginia, and Mississippi, containing the papers, lectures, observations, and correspondence,of William R.

Carter before, during, and after attending Hampden-Sydney College and during the Civil War. Collection contains his correspondence, discussing family news, advice on love and deportment, his religious conversion, move to Mississippi, newspaper business, and a deed for land in Mississippi. His wartime letters,contain a photocopy of his Confederate service record, appointment papers, general orders, and letters to and from his family concerning troop movements in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; deaths; financial matters at home; conditions while Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont prisoner of war; the political climate; and his health.

The diary in the possession of the Library of Virginia is incomplete, covering only the period from 27 July Women wants nsa New Hope Alabama 30 April A complete version of this dairy, covering the period from 27 May Vfrmont 7 Juneis available on seejing microfilm reel 2.

Reminiscences, 20 June Lee resigning his commission and offering his Ladies seeking real sex Dorset Vermont to the Confederacy, wounds suffered by Bernard Hill Carter at Vrmont, Maryland, his recuperation, and his being killed in action at the Battle of Chancellorsville, wounded soldiers being brought to Shirley and encampment of Federal forces there, the family's interaction with Union officers, the illness and death of Mary Braxton Randolph Carterthe near capture of Beverly Randolph Carter at Shirley as a spy, and her husband Robert Randolph Carter taking over management of Shirley following the war.

Letters, 14 March SeddonSecretary of War for the Confederacy, asking Seddon to relieve his cousin Major Thomas Jefferson Page from duty and allow him to travel to Europe for reasons of health. Daniel, Lynchburg, Virginia, recounting his service with the artillery during the Civil War.

Parole, 11 April Hilton, at Appomattox Court House.

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Cary comments on the Union soldiers and their commanding officer, General George B. McClellancomplaining about their actions and hoping that Seekimg soldiers would return to drive them away. Cary writes about a hospital for the Kenosha looking partner wounded left behind in Williamsburg during the Confederate retreat up the Peninsula to Richmond, Virginia, and often notes the deaths of soldiers.

Photostats negative Autograph book,of Lieutenant John R.

Book also contains a list of Dorrset Confederate officers sent from Fort Delaware to Morris Island, South Carolina, to be placed under fire in retaliation for Union officers being held in Charleston, South Carolina, under fire. Cason, one of these officers, lists the names of these officers, their ranks, commands, dates and places of capture, and their residences.

Letter, 17 Mayfrom R.